Nintendo DSi Console
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Nintendo NDSi packs with interactive features in a sleek folding design, Nintendo DSi enhances your gaming experience like never before. View Image. Have fun with sight, sound, and downloadable software - all in the newest version of the worlds best-selling portable game system. - 3.25" LCD display, 17% larger than NDS Lite - Nintendo DSi Camera: Two cameras: 3 megapixel exterior camera, lower resolution interior camera, 11 interactive lenses - new SD memory card slot for playing back music, images, downloadable content - Nintendo DSi Sound: Record your voice, Play with your voice, Play your music, Play with your music, An interactive audio player - Nintendo DSi Shop: Browse the Internet, Entertain yourself, Entertain your friends, Unleash your creativity, Download apps that let you do it all - Play with Photos: Photo Album, Share Your Photos, Calendar, Nintendo DSi and Facebook - Removal of the GBA cart slot - Bbuilt-in music player - Touch screen - Chassis is 2.6mm or 12% less than NDS Lite