Sony PlayStation 3 Slim 320GB Console
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PlayStation®3 transports you to a world where entertainment has no boundaries. Go on untold adventures in eye-opening High Definition games, enjoy incredible Blu-ray Disc movies, free access to PlayStation®Network and more. The Game Is Just The Start... Features Your entertainment, your way Breathtaking games, incredible High Definition Blu-ray Disc movies, easy access to your favourite music, photos and the Internet - all under your control. Welcome to entertainment on the next level. Remote Play Stay connected with your entertainment enjoyment – link PlayStation®3 and PSP™ and share content across the devices, as well as being able to access PlayTV™ and VidZone™ on the move. Blu-ray Disc Movies Expect only the sharpest picture quality with Blu-ray Disc movies, where film comes to life. Games Experience the evolution of videogames with High Definition visuals and innovative gameplay. PlayStation®Network Play the best games online for free and dip into the cutting-edge world of PlayStation®Store. Music Store your music collection in one place and blast your favourite tracks from the TV with ease. Internet Stay in touch with friends and family, and access your favourite sites from the comfort of your own sofa. Photos Keep your friends and family close - your most cherished photos are easily stored and viewed on PS3™. PlayStation®Eye Enter a world of innovative games and free voice and video chat thanks to the PlayStation®Eye Camera. PlayTV™ Break free of TV schedule shackles – record and watch your favourite programmes whenever you want. VidZone™ Become a true music mogul and watch thousands of music videos on your own TV for free.