Nintendo Wii Console
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Nintendo's Wii video game system (pronounced "we") is designed to attract people, regardless of their age or video game experience, to sit down and play together--whether they're in the same room or on different sides of the globe. The system's name reflects this simple idea. It's easily pronounced in a variety of languages, and the distinctive spelling suggests two players side by side. The two Wii features Nintendo thinks will create new levels of gaming community are built-in Wi-Fi access, supported by a new online gaming service, and Wii's intuitive, wireless, motion-sensitive game controller.
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Nintendo Wii Console+ Wii Sport

Nintendo Wii Console+ Wii Sport

This Console comes with: Wii Console,Wii remote,Wii nunchuk,Wii sensor bar,Wii console stand,Wii AC adapter,Wii AV Cables...
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